More recently, we congratulated our Head Roastmaster Arseny Kuznetsov on winning the 2019 national roasting championship.

The 2019 World coffee Roasting Championship was held in Taipei, Taiwan from November 15 to 18. The championship was attended by 23 contestants from different countries, including our champion Arseny Kuznetsov. Each participant went from a rating of green coffee and roasting of a sample to the production and presentation of their mixture.

As a result of the assessment by the competent jury, Arseny coped with the task best of all, and earned the title of world champion in roasting coffee. 


Thus, we can consider that our coffee is now the best in the world.

"I think it's unreal cool that I made history," Arseny said upon arrival, at an impromptu meeting that we arranged for him at the airport.


Congratulations to our Head Roastmaster Arseny Kuznetsov with a well-deserved victory!