Guests and partners are respected!

There is a single bonus program of Traveler's Coffee Club in the network of our coffee houses. * We invite you to become a member of the club, and arrange a Traveler's Coffee Club.


Order of registration and rules for using the Traveler's Coffee Club:

 1. Traveler's Coffee Club is issued in the network of our Traveler's Coffee coffees. To do this, please, contact the coffee shop employee, and fill out the questionnaire that is offered to you. We guarantee the confidentiality of the information received.
2. Traveler's Coffee Club is active from the moment it is received. Making purchases in the network of coffee houses Traveler's Coffee, bonuses ** begin to accumulate on it, which in the future you will be able to pay for the products of our coffee shops network.
3. The size of the accrued bonuses is 10% of the check amount. 1 bonus is 1 ruble.
4. The staff of our coffee houses are always ready to provide you with detailed information about the Traveler's Coffee Club cards and to inform you about the number of accumulated bonuses.




* The bonus program does not apply to all network cafes. Information can be clarified by the employees of the coffee house.
** Bonuses are not accrued for the following product categories: Business Lunch, Promotions, Gifts, Dish-Cutting, Takeaway Goods