We hasten to bring you good news! As promised, we did not put off opening new coffee houses. The first was Penza! Bright, spacious and cozy coffee house is located at: st. Plekhanov, 14. We are immensely glad, we will not be afraid of this word, historical event, after all it is the first coffee house Traveler's Coffee in the beautiful city of Penza! Now we have a great opportunity to introduce the inhabitants of the city to our amazing coffee. Professional baristas Traveler's Coffee will help guests to decide on the same, unique sort of coffee, which will be an excellent reason to fall in love with our coffee shop! Dishes from our menu and desserts of our own production will be an excellent addition to the best in the world of coffee. And also, daily, for you are the most current offers: breakfasts, business lunches, dinners and a seasonal menu.

Come! We will be glad to see you!

The address: Penza, st. Plekhanov Str. 14

Phone: 8 (8412) 45-87-27