Company Traveler's Coffee ensures consistently excellent taste of a cup of coffee in any of the stores in five countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and German. This is achieved not only through the excellent roasted coffee beans, but also due to the very brewing. The most common way coffee in coffee shops and bars around the world - is espresso.

For crisp and fragrant cups of espresso must be through the filter with ground coffee beans for 25-30 seconds at a pressure of 9 bar to skip the hot water. For each class and the roast chosen particularly temperature from 89 to 95 ° C. The high pressure makes it possible to extract water from the ground coffee more and more flavored. Despite the strong flavor and full of flavor, espresso contains 2-3 times less caffeine than a serving of tea or coffee in Turku. His most vivid taste and aroma of espresso is in the first 2 minutes after cooking, so it is necessary to drink immediately after brewing. Traditionally served in espresso cups thick warmed.

This is the coffee you can always try the coffee company in Traveler's Coffee. All are equipped with coffee espresso coffee machines manufactured by La Marzocco (La Marzokko) that are unmatched leaders in its industry for quality coffee.

The first espresso machine was invented in Italy in the early twentieth century, and in more recent years, actively being finalized by Italian engineers and inventors. Among them were the brothers Bambi, founder of La Marzocco. They have developed and patented in 1939, the first machine with horizontal boiler. This design has become the industry standard, but had a number of shortcomings. Company La Marzocco continued innovation, and as a result there was a patented dvuhboylernaya system.

At the heart of this system are two-metal cylinder, which in combination with other features of the structure of the coffee machine, allow to brew espresso at the same time receive a large amount of hot water and steam. Such a device makes it possible to prepare beverages with the addition of boiling water or steam foamed milk (cappuccino) without reducing the temperature of the water required for espresso. This thermal stability makes it possible to prepare a large number of cups of coffee with similar taste characteristics, which is indispensable for a coffee.

In addition, the company La Marzocco espresso machine equips its convenient functional details: flexible tubes for steam, electric heating cups, water temperature sensors, etc. Housing La Marzocco espresso machines are made in a retro design and a stylish red, so they deservedly become semantic and aesthetic center coffee shop.

Manufacture La Marzocco is located in Florence (Italy) and many years keeps the tradition of exceptional reliability. The plant is no pipeline, coffee machines are assembled by hand. The assembly is accompanied by strict written statements of the workers on the implementation of consistent action. We use materials of the highest quality. Each machine runs premarket testing bolee than 20 parameters for a day, then - thorough debugging from specialists. Such thoroughness ensures perfect working coffee machine for a long time. Breakdowns are excluded, only requires preventive maintenance work.

Company La Marzocco is considered to be a leader in the field of quality. Equipment of its production - the traditional and fully automatic coffee machines and coffee grinders - is the favorite in terms of build quality, functionality, design and reliability. It was La Marzocco espresso machine provides its international barista championships.

You can appreciate the look of the machine La Marzocco and cooked in her coffee in any coffee shop Traveler's Coffee.