We continue to grow in spite of everything!

In late March and early April opened another 2 coffee houses: in Bishkek and Frankfurt.

We will tell a little about each.

Let's start with Germany. There really is something to brag about and be proud. This is the first coffee shop with innovations in interior design and the advanced menu with various goodies.

Coffee Shop is located at 60325 Frankfurt, Bockenheimer Landstrasse 51.

Coffee in Bishkek opened recently, but have already acquired regular customers. And it's very nice, such as the European way, when you see people you know, who just went to drink a cup of your favorite coffee and eat something tasty from the spring or the main menu.

Coffee house is almost in the Bishkek center on the Baitik Baatyr street, 70. Traveler's coffee team is always waiting for you with your children, friends, colleagues, and ready to do everything that depends on them that you have positive  memories of trips to the coffee shop.