Do you want to start a career as a barista or just learn how to make coffee for yourself and your friends? No problem! You can acquire necessary knowledge and skills in the training center of Traveler's Coffee, in Moscow. Experienced coaches, participants and judges of barista championships will conduct training on the following programs:

- General theory of coffee

- In-depth information for the barista about coffee

- Basics of working with professional coffee equipment

- Practical skills of making the right espresso

- Latte-art course, basics and classics of cooking latte art

- Stages of coffee tasting, captesting

- Alternative ways of brewing coffee

- Visit to the roasting shop

Also, you can take a course on the program "Preparing for barista championships." From the choice of grain to the preparation of a program of performances "

We draw your attention to the fact that training is possible both individually and in a group. Have questions? Send an email to and find out the details and conditions of the training.

Come! We will be glad to get acquainted!