Guten Tag Freunde! Yes, yes, we were not mistaken! But first things first. As you already know, in Moscow, on the street Mozhaisky val, house 8 is located the coffee house Traveler's Coffee, which became a joint project with a network of restaurants Pasta Deli. We continue to implement our projects. And not only in Russia.

Today an opening ceremony was held in Berlin! Corner Traveler's Coffee is located in the restaurant Pasta Deli on Torstrasse, 118. We are immensely pleased with the wonderful opportunity - to introduce residents and guests of this large and beautiful city with the best coffee.

Also, in a short time, in the territory of Germany will open two more coffee houses Traveler's Coffee. One of them will also be located in Berlin, and the second one in Nuremberg. Everything will be in the best traditions of Traveler's Coffee! Qualitatively, bright, cozy and invigorating!